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Thanks for visiting Shift to Simple. If you're here, you must be looking for ways to balance your lifestyle with the busy demands of our world today? Shift to Simple's goal is to give valuable advice to our community. We don't believe in extreme minimalism or zero-waste. We believe in loving your life, while also practicing a simple life. Shift your busy life to a more simple one with useful resources and blogs here.

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Hey! I'm Jule and the proud owner of this lifestyle blog. My journey began in Alaska where I was born and eventually fled back to. Currently, my life is contained in a 8 x 20 tiny home that sits on wheels and is surrounded by the great mountains and ocean.

I have a passion for travel and living life in MY most meaningful way. Minimalism to the extreme and being completely free of possessions is just not what I want. I want to enjoy life. I want to know I'm reducing my footprint, but also enjoying the little (and big things) in life. And I figured, why not share this brilliant idea of a balanced lifestyle with the world?

Thanks to my tiny home life, reducing my consumption, and living a holistic lifestyle, I've managed to save and travel at the same time. I know my tips and resources will work for you as well as it did for me. 

Trying to be a minimalist, but also struggle with modern day living? Shift to Simple is here to bring you lifestyle tips to live your most balanced holistic life. 
Learn how to balance the busy demands of today while also enjoying the little things in life. 


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